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Environmental Management Department

Occupational Health and Safety

Management Policy
Bangkok Rayong Hospital Co., Ltd. aims to reduce and control dangerous risks of staff as well as its stakeholders and optimize the health operation for safety and image enhancement regarding corporate responsibility toward staff, clients and society. Therefore, the policy on occupational health and safety management is determined as follows:

Environmental Policy
Bangkok Rayong Hospital Co., Ltd. is committed to the conservation of energy, environment and natural resources, including maintaining the safety and health of staff and clients. Thus, the environmental policy is defined as follows.

1. The Company strictly adheres to and follows the environmental laws, regulations and requirements where the organization is involved.
2. The Company controls pollution by reducing the volume of waste of all types and managing the wastewater treatment system in accordance with the law, including the most efficient use of raw materials and natural resources.
3. The Company promotes awareness and encourages staff’s involvement in conservation of the environment and natural resources.
4. The Company allocates sufficient and appropriate resources for operations in accordance with the environmental management system.

Energy Conservation Policy
Bangkok Rayong Hospital Co., Ltd. is committed to the energy-saving operation to be the most efficient. In order to ensure cooperation of all sections, so the energy conservation policy is determined for acknowledgement and continuous practice of all units as follows.

1. Proper energy-saving operation according to the energy conservation goal in 2015 for more reduction by at least 10% than 2014, which is also part of the operations of Bangkok Hospital.
2. Striving to use all types of energy efficiently and minimize unnecessary energy loss the most.
3. Strive to optimize the efficient use of energy of the organization appropriately and continuously of energy performance.
4. Commitment to adequate energy information disclosure to internal and external persons
5. Striving to obey the laws and other requirements related to energy
6. Commitment to allocate necessary and sufficient resources for operations to achieve the objectives and energy goals
7. Commitment to support the purchase of products and services as well as design for energy improvements
8. Striving to be the model building for energy -saving excellence and set an example to the public and private organizations

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