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Emergency Center


    Open 24 hours, our emergency center provides patients who have emergencies of any kind with a team of medical specialists and experienced medical team ready to give diagnosis and treatment.



Treatment for accident victims and emergency patients throughout 24 hours every day with no holiday by a team of medical specialists for fast and safe services. The Hospital provides ambulance service (AMBULANCE) with medical staff and advanced equipment ready to help the patients from the scene of the accident.  The inside ambulance has communication equipment that can report symptoms and initial checks to the specialists in  heart disease, brain disease, surgery, etc. so as to provide treatment advice and prepare to treat the patients quickly. 

• Standby services with the availability of a team to teach BLS to the companies, factories

• For traffic, car, motorcycle accidents, etc.  the right under the Act can be used without advance payment of 30,000 baht. (The Hospital coordinates, helps in the disbursement.)

•    Accidents such as burns, scald burns, electrical shock, falls, animal bites, general wounds, etc.

•    Emergency situations such as extreme stomach pain, unknown cause, appendicitis, blockage in bowel, etc.

•    Emergency situations such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), asthma, cerebral infarction (stroke), seizures, etc.

•    Pediatric Emergencies: high fever, seizure, vomiting, diarrhea, asthma, etc. (Pediatric specialist available 24 hours a day)

•    Other emergencies


Medical technology

Our emergency department is staffed with a medical team of doctors, nurses, and nurse staff specialized in emergency medicine