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Health Promotion&Occupational Center




"The Health Promotion and Occupational Center is committed to impress our clients at every service point and expect to deliver the excellent results in providing health check services."



We strive to be a leader in promoting health inspection services recognized by international standards using modern technology and an efficient medical team management. We have a team of staff who are committed to uphold the standards and ethics of the profession and strive to create awareness and social responsibility.



Our Focuses to Maintain Excellent Quality
Proper Identification of all Patients 
Complete Health Care Check 
Fast and Secure Professional Standards 


Main Duties and Goals

Our center for Health and Occupational medicine provides annual health examinations for workers before entering a new job, as well as assessing the risk factors of the workplace.


We provide guidance to personal health, diseases related to the occupation of the patients.




Located on the Ground floor of Bangkok Hospital Rayong, our Wellness center has been providing services to promote excellent health since 2002, giving health screening and prevention care both inside and outside the hospital. Our center is open every day, from 7:00AM to 17:00 in the evening. We offer Annual Health Checkups, counseling and information on diagnoses. Counseling services include, but are not limited to topics such as: toxic chemical accidents, emergency diagnosis and treatment, treatment toxicity and adverse toxicology.



1. Mobile Check up Group

2. Contract Company Check up in Hospital


-Annual Check up

-Vaccine > 14 ปี

3. Insurance Check up Group

(Occupational Health)

Our Health and Occupational Medicine center Provides a full range of occupational health services, following guidelines of the Medical diploma of Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health nursing. These services consist of:



1. Health Risk Assessment

Walk Through Surveys are taken to evaluate the risk of work environments. Risk Assessments are taken to manage any risks.


2. Medical Surveillance

Medical examines are taken to confirm if an employee is Fit For Work prior to entering work, as well as Annual Health Checkups to check for health risks from work.


3. Health Promotion

This service involves consultation for Behavior modification to boost immunity, in addition to education for Employees on healthy living.


Health Check-Up for Workers

    •    Offering pre-placement health checkups, annual checkup services, including checks based on workplace risks for various businesses and organizations.

    •    Assessment of environmental health risks

    •    Assessment of health in the workplace

    •    โAssessments of health riskc for employees working at high heights.

    •    Programs of Annual health Checks and and medical examinations, depending on the risk of the work envrionment occupation of patients.

    •    Advice on common iseases, Medical Examination Caritifcat, and driver's license.

    •    Evaluations performed using specialized equipment, such as for hearing competency, visiontest, and lung efficiency

    •    Diagnosis and treatment of patients in the workplace

    •    Forconsultation and advice, diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases.

    •    Vaccinations

    •    Examinations for employees traveling overseas


Preparing for Your Health Exam

    1.    Get plenty of rest, around 7-8 hours, the night before. Lack of sleep can affect the results of vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, or heart rate

    2.    Please do not eat or drink at least 8 hours before the exam, because there will be a blood test. Water is permitted.

    3.    Wear clothing with loose or short sleeves for blood test.

    4.    Arrive on time. The clinic is open at 7.00am

    5.    For women, a urine test cannot be performed during menstruation because it will affect the test results

    6.    Digital mammograms for cancer screening may also be affected by menstruation, as breasts may be swollen.

    7.    If you suspect you are pregnant, please inform staff. You will not be able to have an X-Ray.

    8.    Medicine and alcohol may affect the results of tests. Please inform the doctor prior to test if you are taking any medicine or drink alcoholic products.

    9.    Please bring records of your last health check, if you have it. This may be used if there are problems you need to consult with the doctor about.