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Medicine Department


Internal Medicine Department

1. Nasal mucus, sore throat, general medicine
2. Cough

3. Fever without cause
4. Diarrhea, vomiting
5. Diabetes
6. High blood lipids
7. Thyroid toxic

8.  Heart palpitations with weight loss

 9. Chest pain from cough requires sending to the Heart Disease Center
10. Tiredness, incomplete breathing
11. Leg swelling
12. Cellulitis swelling,  red with fever, no ulcer
13. HIV screening in all cases (Except health checkups from the company requiring sending to the Health Promotion and Occupational Center (CheckUp).
14. Physical examination to request a medical certificate, take up insurance if the Health Promotion and Occupational  Center (Check Up) is closed.


Kidney disease medicine
     1. Patients who need kidney screening
     2. Swelling all over the body
    3. Leg swelling in the case with a history of kidney disease or little urine
    4. Nephrotic Syndrome, Nephritis, Nephropathy
    5. Renal failure
    6. Having ever been treated by Renal Transplantation

     7. Abnormalities of BUN or creatinine
     8. Disorders of urine tests such as protein leakage, having red blood cells, white blood cells
     **  Gallstones in the urinary tract,    kidney stones require sending to the Urological Surgery Department.  In case of examination not available, send to the Surgery Department. **


Internal medicine: Respiratory disease
1.  Cough > 2 weeks
2.  Pneumonia, cough with blood, lung disorders, e.g.  tuberculosis, emphysema, abnormal lung X-ray result
3. Tiredness only with a history of cough
as well


Internal medicine: Infectious disease
1. Fever> 1 week
2. Need to screen for sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Syphilis and Gonorrhea
3. Big lymph nodes only with the Patho result confirming that the cause is infection.


Internal medicine: Joint diseases
1. Autoimmune disease SLE
2. Rheumatoid
3. Joint pain not caused by bumps with no history of accident 


Internal medicine: Blood diseases
1. All types of blood disorders
2. Bone marrow disorders
3. Anemia
4. Leukemia
5. Lymphoma 
6. Hemophilia
7. Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)