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X-ray Department


Diagnosis and treatment with radiology technology



• General X-ray
• 64-Slide CT Scan
• Diagnostic electromagnetic radiography (MRI - 1.5 Tesla)
• Bone Densitometry
• Mammography
• Automatic breast ultrasound (ABVS)
• Radiation  (Intervention)
• Ultrasound


Mobile diagnosis and health promotion (Mobile Unit) 

• Mobile Check-up
• Mobile Digital Mammography & ABVS
• Mobile Ultrasound
• Mobile Health Promotion


Technology used in Bangkok Hospital Rayong X-ray Center
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1.5 Tesla

This tool is used for diagnosis by means of the magnetic properties of hydrogen atoms within the body under high-voltage electromagnetic fields, which can detect abnormalities of organs throughout the body.     It can check several planes without changing the patient's position and not using X-rays.  It can check the organs clearly with high safety, very low risk of radiation allergy. Lesions can be detected from the beginning. MRI can diagnose various parts of the body, e.g.  the brain,  spine,   musculoskeletal system , bile duct and gallbladder, breast, etc.


CT scan - 64-Slice 


High speed computerized X-ray device with very high resolution. It can create up to 64 images per rotation (360 degrees) with a speed of 0.4 seconds only.  It can also screen almost every part of the body precisely, even the heart ,  an organ that is constantly moving.   The amount of radiation can be reduced by more than double.   This device provides clear 2D and 3D images to help diagnose diseases more efficiently and more quickly.  It helps check severe cases, emergency patients , child patients  faster.


Digital Mammogram
Digital Mammogram is a special X-ray device for breast screening specifically with more efficiency than a film-based mammogram. The patients receive low radiation.  But the results are accurate up to 90%.   It can distinguish the different types of fats and tissues of the breast clearly, can detect abnormalities of the breast, the position of tumor mass and other pathology.  It can see the lumps smaller than 1 centimeter.
      Cancerous tissue can be seen at the beginning when changes remain only in the inner tissue of  lactiferous duct , which cannot be found yet.    The screening procedure is safe with  no harm to the breast.     Even people with breast augmentation can have breast screening.    Breast ultrasound is also available. The objective is to consider the results of both examinations together, thus making diagnoses more accurate.


ABVS – Automated Breast Volume Scanner


 Automatic breast ultrasound can be moved, gives clear pictures to distinguish the lumps and abnormalities very closely to examinations at the hospital.  The examiner does not need to be a radiologist by placing the scanner on the chest of the examined person.  The device will scan the breast and record the images. Afterwards, the radiologist will read the results. The images can also be seen in many angles, are easy for the surgeon's surgery consideration in case of detecting a lesion.


Launch of Mobile Digital Mammography & ABVS

Bangkok Hospital Rayong X-ray Cancer launched  Mobile Digital Mammography & ABVS  on 4 February  2016, coinciding with the International Cancer Day.    Dr. Jaruwat Chaikwampian, director of Bangkok Hospital Rayong made a reporting speech.  This event was also honored by Khun Benchamas Sudsuk, Vice President of the Rayong Provincial Red Cross Chapter to make opening remarks.


The X-ray Department has officially started to offer mobile cancer screening service throughout the East.  Also, this first and only vehicle of modern technology  in Thailand now  gets much attention from a group of health-conscious women.