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Radiology Center Sri Rayong Hospital

This Center provides radiology service by standard advanced tools with a skilled team of radiologists and highly qualified team. The main goal of the Radiology Center is to provide the patients with fast, safe and impressive services.

- Outpatient and Child Patient Department Sri Rayong Hospital
- Obstetrics
- Internal medicine
- Bones and joints
- Surgery
- Eyes
- Health checkups

1. Health check-up service, pre-placement health check-up and annual health check-up as well as check-up based on workplace risks for the businesses and organizations.
2. Assessing the suitability of health and work to do
3. Arranging the program and providing advice on the annual health check-up program as well as risk-based health check-ups.
4. Providing advice on general health care, examination to request a medical certificate, driver's license
5. Assessing the performance of workers by means of special examinations with occupational medicine tools, including hearing test, vision test, pulmonary function test.
6. Immunization service
7. Medical examination to go abroad

Contact Us
Location: 1st Floor
Working hours, days: Open daily from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs.
Phone: 038-998 555 ext. 2200, 2201,2203

Child Department
General Child Branch

General treatment for children: Open daily from 8.00 - 20.00 hrs. Promotion of health and immunization in children by vaccination, counseling on
nutritional status in children, advice on parenting and illness in children.